Bible Curriculum

We are a strong faith based family. But it took many years for me to decide to use a Bible curriculum. The change came because the church we now attend does not have a Sunday School. Not that we really ever attended Sunday School per say. But before this church there was always the option of going or not. So the idea that they might need a curriculum to fill in the gaps came back to haunt me last year. (Homeschooling and the fear of gaps in their education doesn’t haunt me much anymore but sometimes it peaks its ugly head up.)

I was thinking about all the Bible memory work I did as a kid in Sunday School and that my children don’t have that. Then I went out on a limb and bought an Alpha Omegas Bible Lifepac sets for each child. Man that was a lot of money. It is a collection of 10 worktexts and the keys. The companies goal is for us to plan on doing one a month and then buy the next years grade set and keep going till they graduate. Not us. We barely made it through the first 2 worktexts in each grade level for each kid. They like it but don’t love it. Here is a sample of Collectors Lifepacs (Grade 2 last year):

Collectors Bible Lifepacs Sample

Collectors Bible Lifepacs Sample

They are pretty fun and colorful in the younger years but get kind of long and drawn out as the grade gets higher. I did Lifepacs as  a kid many, many moons ago. I have to admit they were very easy. But they must have helped some because my knowledge about the Bible is fairly good. I usually win at Bible Trivia anyway 🙂 Here is a sample of Directors 10th grade Bible Lifepac:

Directors Bible Lifepac Sample

Directors Bible Lifepac Sample

Director says that she likes it. Some lessons are long and drawn out while others are fine. She does not like that the sections are sent nicely divided into section for each day. You kind of have to guess how much to do each day.

Our children who read spend time in God’s word each day without a Bible curriculum to tell them what to do. Well, maybe not all of the kids. Thinking that Tech has a hard time remembering to read each morning but just because his brain gets full of things he wants to accomplish in a day. When he is reminded he does it happily and is glad he was reminded.

The Lifepac order that I placed was for 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th grades. With this span of books to look over and children using them that would give me their feedback it was easy to figure out how we would decide to use this curriculum. We use it like we use their other curriculum workbooks. We do one page or lesson (depending on the child) each time we have a workbooks day. It makes going through a book very slow but the kids like it better and don’t seem do be dreading it as much.

One thing we did notice was that the 4th grade book really seemed to have a lot of Bible reading required. Now if we are already reading our scriptures and then add this to all the reading Pilot does for school itself it is a bit overwhelming. So for him we actually don’t do the addition Bible reading for each lesson. We do it every other time. Here is a sample of the book he is doing:

Pilots Bible Lifepac Sample

Pilots Bible Lifepac Sample

Not sure if we will purchase the next grade up for anyone. Guessing I will ask them individually and purchase for those who would like to do another year of this curriculum. Hope you found this helpful.

What do you use for Bible curriculum? Or do you use a curriculum at all for Bible?


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